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06 December 2009 @ 07:37 pm
Clearing out the storage...  
I have way too much left-over hair or hair that was supposed to end up in some sort of premade-project. There's not gonna be a time for those any time soon, and I really need to clear out some space in my working room, so here's what I need to get rid off.

I'd like to sell these in bunches they've been photographed, but you can always try and negotiate if you want only some of them.

Lots of leftover hair in mermaid theme colors.

Electric blue, neon green, new sky blue, handblended mermaidblend, light blue, aqua, Plastikhaar Petrol Grün.

Reds - full bags

Peperoni KK Jumbo (Plastikhaar) & Kirschrot KK Silky (Plastikhaar). Both full and unopened. 20€ together.


Sweet red, red, kirschrot, burgundy.

Almost a full bag of Buyhair's Scarlet Red. (2 de's made). Giving this away for free when buying something else.

Black & silver

Plastikhaar Grau (looks pretty silver to me) KK Silky. Full and unopened. Plus #1 Jet Black 150cm long KK Jumbo. 15€ together.

Pinks and purples

Dark Purple-Fuchsia blend (handblended), Steel (handblended), Fuchsia to silver (handblended), fuchsia, and flamingo pink (handblended).

Nat. greens

Plastikhaar Pistazie KK Silky: 2 full and unopened bags. (Another straight, another wavy)
On the braid: almost full bag of PH Pistazie (2de's made) + Less than half a bag of PH Oliv grün.


#2 darkest brown on the right and #3 or #4 with black on the left.

Nat. reds

#27, amber, gold-orange-blend, ?, 30?

Yellows & orange

Yellow, Neon yellow uv, bright orange and orange-blend.

Synthetic wefts

Fuchsia and Dark Purple. Both full and unopened.

Handmade dreadviolet dreads

8 DE whites / blondish brown.

Manufactured dreads

30 DE Manufactured dreads in purple (probably UV)

10 SE Manufactured dreads in flamingo pink

10 SE Manufactured dreads in jet black.



Wool falls


Plastic tubing:
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dreadvioletdreadviolet on December 7th, 2009 10:25 am (UTC)
Looks like all the braiding and weaving hair is gone. Only dreads, hairpieces and tubing left.